Leviton Omni Pro II

     The OmniPro II is Leviton's flagship security & automation control system. Boasting the largest feature set, it can control the maximum number of devices and is designed to provide security and automation for large residences and small commercial installations such as restaurants, offices, and franchise locations.
     You can use the Omni Pro II as a stand alone control system or as a part of an overall strategy for home automation and security control.
Security Detection Devices
Access Control
Door and window contacts are only a part of a security system. A comprehensive system includes glass break detectors, motion detectors, temperature sensors, shock, vibration sensors, water sensors, beam sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We will combine these detection devices in the right applications for the best solution for your property and budget.
  Tie the access of your gate, doors, storage or auxiliary buildings to the saftey and security of the main panel. Keycard or code access for doorlocks and gates.
EHC Inc. contracts with Criticom Monitoring Services for its alarm needs.
             Beyond the Call
Since 1978 CMS has been providing high quality monitoring nationwide. We are the best wholesale monitoring company in the United States. We provide alarm monitoring for high-end installers and providers of intrusion, environmental and life safety security products and services—residential, commercial, medical and industrial customers