Whole Home Integration
The debate over individual applications control versus a wholehouse integrated solution is not universal decision. Some homes with a few controls may benefit from the simplicity of product based solution applications while other homes with multiple subsystems: security, media, lighting, climate, shading, surveillance, pool, sprinklers can benefit from a single app that they go to for controls no matter what function they want to perform. An integrate application can use data from one subsystem to influence data and automated decision process of another.
Theater design is more that just picking out equipment. Integrating that equipment into the environment and having it atheistically and acoustically pleasing is a blend of art and science. Room treatments, seating, carpet, paint, and lighting all play an important part in a well designed theater from 5.1 surround to Dolby Atmos choosing the proper blend of equipment makes all the difference.
Energy and Water Management
In California the two biggest ways to make savings is in the control of the home is energy and water management. Lighting & power, heating & cooling, irrigation, pool equipment are all massive users of power and water resources. Managing these devices consumption level with smart technologies will save money and conserve resources.